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On ignore…

This week I e-mailed the Kentucky head of the HSUS…I got no reply.  I called the Massachusetts head of the HSUS…I got no reply.  I e-mailed a Kentucky senator who has been battling with the HSUS…I got no reply.  I called a woman at a horse shelter…I got no reply.  I snail-mailed and e-mailed hundreds…I got three replies.

Yet it is very “important” to all of these people that we make changes in the animal abuse laws in KY.  Soooo….wouldn’t you REPLY?!

I have suffered seven months of being put on hold, or- as my dad likes to say-, on ignore.

People LOVE to run their mouths about this change or that law, but who is actually doing anything about it?

I am going to go do my shift at the local kitty shelter.  I’m proud do say I do something.

Perhaps the aforementioned people think I’m not worth their replies?  How sad for them 🙂