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Maybe They ARE Evil?

I have attempted to contact the Humane Society in multiple ways (phone, snail-mail, e-mail.)  The only time they respond is if I insult them.  They have not responded to my positive queries.

Today I got a mailing from them asking for more money.

Perhaps I should continue to insult them or question their honor or something…

True to human form, the only attention I’m getting for any of this is when I insult someone or stir the pot.



What IS Governor Beshear doing?

This is a letter written by Kentucky’s governor last year. If he makes these official statements, what is stopping him from ACTUALLY MAKING CHANGES AND ACTING TO SUPPORT ANIMAL WELFARE? Sounds like a politician to me…


Okay…trying to make everyone happy is like trying to herd cats…

Kentuckians are for animal “welfare” not animal “rights” because for some reason people can’t differentiate animal rights and insane hippie vegans who throw blood at women wearing fur.

Ergo I am currently supporting animal “welfare” even thought the “rights” of those animals are probably more precious than the hill-billy, bullshit…@#%%#^$&


There are seriously people in the state who want to change the animal abuse laws and WON’T because they are FIGHTING ABOUT WORDS!