Maybe They ARE Evil?

I have attempted to contact the Humane Society in multiple ways (phone, snail-mail, e-mail.)  The only time they respond is if I insult them.  They have not responded to my positive queries.

Today I got a mailing from them asking for more money.

Perhaps I should continue to insult them or question their honor or something…

True to human form, the only attention I’m getting for any of this is when I insult someone or stir the pot.



One thought on “Maybe They ARE Evil?

  1. yolanda figuroa

    I donate to Humane Society and I’m reading that they’ve not bother to respond to your plea in reference to saving the life of this poor dog…O’ No I don’t like that.
    I’m donating for the animals not for the administrators to get my money and get paid for just doing nothing!!!!

    I will spread the word!!!


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